How To Add Admin Manager To A YouTube Channel 2019-2020. Only the owner of the Brand Account can make an admin or manager. Follow the below steps to give access to the admin or manager to people.

  • Go to Youtube, and Sign in to YouTube Channel as a brand owner.
  • Top right corner clicks the account icon & select your channel which you want to manage.
  • Go to Channel settings by clicking on the setting icon.
  • Click Add or Remove Managers you’ll be redirected to Brand Account Page where you can change & manage permissions of the user.
  • Click on Add new user icon.
  • If someone already manages your account then you can see admin details here.
  • Now, You can add multiple admin or user’s here.
  • Enter the email address of new people. who can manage your channel?
  • Select the role or permission which you want to give to the user.
  • If you selected a manager, then they can use Google services like share videos on other platforms, Google Photos or post videos on YouTube. Note: The owner has the power to take actions, delete a post, remove managers and they decide who manages the account. Every youtube account must have one primary owner.

For more details, Check out the below video. Easy and simple explanation and Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates, tips, and help.

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