LARAVEL Development- The Leading PHP framework.

A faster and responsive web app retains 3 times more customers and has double the ROI than others. PHP has around 30 prominent frameworks, and Laravel alone occupies more share than all of the rest combined.

--Reason-One Word-Reliability. --

The Creative Room team has pioneered Laravel Development. Get your web app developed in LARAVEL and stay ahead of the competition.

Almost 135,000 websites are built on Laravel rather than other PHP frameworks. With its advanced features and development tools, Laravel facilitates rapid web application development—the reason it scores better than other web frameworks.

We recommend our clients, especially from the IT Sector, Real Estate, retail, and education, to develop their web apps in Laravel. Our experts have hands-on experience and immense knowledge of the framework, which makes us the best Web Design Company in Ludhiana.

Feature Rich and Rapid Development: Get your web application developed in half the time.

Many a time, our customers come with the most unrealistic deadlines. They have ideas and cannot wait to see them become a reality. With Laravel, its expressive and straightforward syntax speeds up development and results in a clean and maintainable codebase and scalable applications.

With its extensive built-in features, we can customize your web app as you like, integrate it with all the major features and tweak it to your preference, and that too in the shortest ever time.

Safe Secure and Responsible web application.

Laravel comes with built-in security attributes. It keeps your application completely secure. Passwords are never saved in plain text format. Its hashed password feature guarantees that. Laravel framework uses SQL statements which makes it free of injection attacks.

Laravel's ORM(Object Relational Mapping) provides simple Active Records implementation and makes working with databases amazingly simple and easy. Eloquent ORM allows eager load models and nested relationships in the database, which translates into secure, robust, and responsible database relationships.

Customization without compromise.

Laravel comes with the Blade templating engine with awesome templates; It makes development smooth and easy using its robust, lightweight, and pre-installed template engine.

The Blade template engine helps create innovative and amazing layouts using content seeding, allowing data display and extending layouts without compromising the application's performance and speed.

Exceptional Support and Performance.

Though our Web App Development Ludhiana team of experts have unbeatable experience in Laravel Development, still knowing that extensive, immediate and professional support is available all the time make us more confident. Laravel comes with the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Working on a large project means unstructured code, but using MVC can simplify coding structure and make it easier to control how the application will appear in the real world. We can improve the app for branding purposes accordingly.

Also, it has the largest community and forum for discussion and support, in case there is something we missed.

To get your web app developed in Laravel, get in touch with our Experts.

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Every outcome is a result of the input and we strongly believe in this methodology. We dedicate to deliver our best for every single project. Here are some of our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is Laravel based site used for the eCommerce solution?
No website functionality is 100% completed without a great buying and selling experience, so an obvious question strikes your mind: in Laravel website application, if anyone wants to integrate the eCommerce feature, do we need to the coding from scratch? The answer is ‘No’, Laravel supports the platform called ‘Bagisto E-commerce’, which is exclusively built for the Ecommerce solution. It has a very nice GUI, apart from this, it supports exclusive functionality like RTL, channels, locals, currencies, custom product attributes, multi-store, API support, and many more things. You can play with its demo to get more insight.
2who is faster among regular PHP or Laravel?
Yes. Laravel comes with a lot of quality features that are prepackaged and so, web app development with Laravel becomes faster and maintenance becomes easier.
3Can we build the scalable app with the help of Laravel?
Laravel is highly scalable as it offers built-in support for caching, cloud storage, and session drivers. Depending on the availability of infrastructure and architecture, one can build scalable apps. We have the right experience and expertise in building scalable apps. Our company has developed a lot of scalable Laravel apps for our clients worldwide.
4Does any security offered by Laravel?
Laravel is mostly used by developers to develop highly secure web applications and e-commerce websites. To fix any security issues quickly Laravel has a large active community of experienced developers.
5Does it require any license for Laravel or it is free for use?
Laravel comes with very limited restrictions on reuse but Laravel is a free open source platform. Laravel uses the MIT License.
6What about bug fixes and security patches in Laravel?
To ensure bug fixing and resolving security issues if any in Laravel there will be a new version of Laravel is released after every six months so that update it accordingly.

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