PHP Development to keep your websites responsive.

As of August 2021, 80% of all websites are running on PHP. That says a lot about it. Get your website/web app designed in PHP for a secure, faster and responsive performance.

Be in the League of the top-performing websites/web apps.

PHP is one of the most extensive server-side scripting languages used across the globe. And we at Creative Room are one of the foremost developers who have been using PHP for our clients. With an abundance of frameworks available to choose from, a large community for help and support, ever-developing open-source PHP is our choice of platform for web development. The framework, like Laravel, Symfony, WordPress and others, provides a basic structure that streamlines the development of web apps, speeds up the development process., increases the responsiveness of websites and applications and helps businesses fulfil their performance needs. And the best thing is, the market is growing, and the frameworks keep evolving every day, giving your web app/website a better chance to adapt to the changes.

Why do we use PHP over others?

Move across platforms, from MacOs to Windows to Linux to Andriod.

The primary reason we use PHP is that it is platform-independent. Windows, Mac OS, Linux; it supports all. It also works on most web browsers and supports all the major web servers, making it easy to move across different systems and platforms at minimal additional cost. Being the best Web Design Company in Ludhiana, we always recommend our clients to be more versatile. PHP is the answer.

Fast and secure; means better SEO.

The most important things for a great SEO website are page speed and security. No client ever wants a slow, unresponsive and insecure website. When asked to “Proceed Anyway” in security concerns, most people tend to close the tab and go to another website. Search Engines also hate such websites. We are called SEO Experts Punjab for a reason by our clients: for our result-oriented development. For better speed, PHP uses its own memory. Being in widespread use, the community support, tools, frameworks, and best practices help fix vulnerabilities and protect against cyberattacks.

Database is a piece of cake.

Everyone wants their data to be secure, error-free and easily accessible. It is easy to connect securely with almost any kind of database using PHP, which means more freedom in choosing which database is best suited for the application being built.

Tried and tested. Conquered the web.

PHP has been there for three decades now, and its code has been put to the test in all kinds of real-life scenarios. It is more stable and secure; most of the main bugs have been found and fixed. The myriad of frameworks and tools that have been built over time have made PHP web development more secure, efficient and effective.

Our Work

Every outcome is a result of the input and we strongly believe in this methodology. We dedicate to deliver our best for every single project. Here are some of our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why select PHP?
PHP runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.). PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.). PHP is FREE to download from the official PHP resource: PHP is easy to learn and runs efficiently on the server-side.
2What is the difference between PHP and JavaScript?
Javascript is a client-side scripting language, so javascript can make popups and other things happen on someone's PC. While PHP is a server-side scripting language so it does every stuff with the server.
3How to choose the right PHP Framework?
Each framework has its own strength and weakness. To pick the right framework for your PHP development, you should find answers to the following questions: -What components you are looking for? -Does the framework capture the primary goal of your application? -Does your PHP developer is familiar with this framework? -What is the level of automation and documentation available? -Does the framework enjoy active support – paid or community development supports? -How scalable it is? -Does it provide long-term support?
4Why should I hire PHP Developers from Creative Room?
Today, development services outsourced to India on a grand scale and custom PHP development services hold a major stake in it. Moreover, PHP development companies in India cover a bigger part of the software development industry, and have received very good recognition in PHP web development services. -Top-quality Services & Technology – PHP professionals in Creative Room are well equipped and updated with all the latest technologies and infrastructure. -Quality beyond Compare – Creative Room Professionals are renowned for their strong technical knowledge, and their quality of work undoubtedly meets the international standards. -Turnaround Time – Outsourcing companies in Creative Room ensure to complete the project in a short turnaround time without compromising the quality of service.
5Why PHP, not any other Programming Languages?
In this technology world, a large number of programming languages are available for businesses to build websites and apps like Python, JavaScript, Node JS, and PHP. Among them, most businesses are seeking to hire PHP developers. So, why PHP is standing out of other programming languages? The functional nature makes PHP learning simple compared to other programming languages including JavaScript. JavaScript seems harder to learn because of its complexity and usage of the event queue. There is an interesting cold war between PHP and JavaScript and PHP is not showing any signs of dying down. When we compare Node.js and PHP through various angles, including Performance, Frameworks, Hosting and Coding, PHP wins the battle. Similarly, Python Vs PHP is a never-ending battle and we can’t get rid of the fact that Python is cooler than PHP in several fields and vice versa! When judging performance, Python beats PHP with its code compilation method. However, with 79.0% of websites using PHP and 1.1% of websites using Python, we can conclude that PHP dominates the Python.

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