Brand visibility pulls your customer. 70% of people click on the top 3 results on google. 90% won’t go beyond the first page. That means you have to strive for the top of the first page. With Google Ads, you can reach your target audience and grow your brand visibility.

It is a promotional code provided by Google from time to time to its customers. you can save AdWords expenses by using AdWords coupons. Google offers Coupons worth Rs. 2000 in India and across the globe for new users who register the first time. Adwords coupons are basically token credit given to an Adwords user. This coupon is to be used with an account that hasn’t used a coupon yet.

Google’s way of enticing businesses to try out their Google Ads. They could be new users who want to try Google AdWords or agencies who want to offer trial runs to prospective clients. Generally, you get a $50–$150 credit that can be used to run Pay Per Click ads on Google.

Once this credit is done, you can either stop running ads or pay for them yourself.

  • To get Rs. 2000 coupon code read and follow the below steps to get coupons worth Rs. 2000.
  • You can get the coupon if and only if you are a new advertiser/user.
  • You need to register yourself using the below link : (
  • After creating the account, ensure you add your payment methods such as credit or debit card tec.
  • Then create a campaign and pause it.
  • Wait for a day google will send you an email with a coupon code.
  • There is a condition to using the Adwords coupon code worth Rs. 2000, you need to spend 2000 Rs to get the coupon activated.
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