What is Chat GPT & how is it useful in Programming Language?

We are going to tell you about such a technology, which is being told that it can compete with Google, and can leave Google behind, whose name is Chat GPT. There is a lot of discussion about this in the world. People want to know what this Technology Chat GPT is. It has been heard that this technology can compete with Google search. If you ask any question from Chat GPT, then its answer comes in front of you in the form of an article in Written. And a very accurate answer is given to you.

At present, you will not be able to use this technology completely, because work is going on right now and after being fully tested, this technology Chat GPT By Open AI will be brought in front of you at present, it has been used and its response has been seen very positive.

You can ask all kinds of questions to Chat GPT, and it provides its answer to you in the form of a question stick and an article. So let's know what Chat GPT is, how Chat GPT works and what is the history of Chat GPT. We will know the full form etc. in today's article, so let's start.

Stay tuned till the end of our article today to understand Chat GPT in detail.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT its full form is Chat Generative Pre–Trained (Chat Generative Pretrained Transformer). It has been created by Open AI (Open Artificial Intelligence) which is a chatbot in a way. And this AI will work only on Artificial Intelligence.
With Chat GPT, you can easily ask any question in Text, Chat GPT gives you the answer through an article that gives you sticky information, which you do not need to go anywhere else. Chat GPT is considered to be an advanced search engine even from Google, which provides you with the right information through just one article. At present, you will be able to use Chat GPT only in the English language because it has been launched only in the English language, as the user of Chat GPT increases, it will be launched in other languages as well.
Suppose, if you want to know about Modi's biography on Chat GPT, then Chat GPT will provide you with only one website, in which you will get complete and detailed information. You will not be shown a lot of websites like Google.

When was Chat GPT launched?

Chat GPT was launched on 30 November 2022, if you want to visit its website, then its official website is chat.openai.com. If we talk about the users of Chat GPT, then at present it has reached close to 2 million.

Chat GPT does not provide you with information like many other websites do. Rather it provides you with all the information related to your question through a website. With the help of Chat GPT, you can get a biography, essay, letter, youtube video, script, letter, etc written.

How Chat GPT Works ?

Now we will know how Chat GPT works, so let's know about the way Chat GPT works -
By the way, on the official website of GPT, it has been clearly explained how Chat GPT works. To better understand Chat GPT, let's separate GPT and understand what it wants to say.
Generative - It means generating or creating
Pre-trained means that everything is already taught or trained. It doesn't need to be taught or trained.
Transformer means to understand the given words properly and answer them.
Chat GPT is well trained, and popular data has been used in it, in simple language, such data which is already running in the internet world, whenever you ask any question to Chat GPT So by searching from his own data, it provides you with good information in the form of an article.
When you get the information of your question, then you get an option there to tell whether you are satisfied with the information provided to you by Chat GPT or not. According to the satisfaction you tell there, Chat GPT keeps updating itself from time to time to provide you with the right information.

Features of Chat GPT

Some of the main features of Chat GPT are as follows.
● Chat GPT provides the answer to your question through a stick and an article. ● You can use Chat GPT absolutely free of cost. ● Chat GPT can be used to create any type of content. ● With its help, you can easily write a biography, scripts, letters, essays, applications, etc. ● You can get the answer to your question in real-time.

Cons of Chat GPT

You have come to know the advantages of Chat GPT, and now you will know about some of its disadvantages which are as follows –
● Chat GPT has limited data. ● The training of Chat GPT was over at the beginning of this year 2022, due to which you will not be able to get any further information from Chat GPT. ● Currently, Chat GPT is launched in the English language only, and because of this, it understands only the English language. ● There are many questions that Chat GPT has not yet been able to answer correctly. ● At present, you can use Chat GPT for free only till the search period, after that you will have to pay some charge to use it.

Will Chat GPT be able to compete with the world's largest search engine "Google"

At present, Chat GPT has not been trained so much that it can compete with Google, right now it can answer only as much as the data is stored in it. That's why Chat GPT will not be able to compete with the world's biggest search engine.
Google is a world-famous and old company, which is why all kinds of information have been stored with Google. You search for anything on Google. So you will definitely get that information. And after searching, Google provides you the answer to your question in many ways like articles, videos, images, many websites, etc.
You get the answer to the questions asked by Chat GPT only through an article and Google gives you the answer to a question in many ways which is easy for you to understand, Google has User Intent an Advance Algorithm, with the help of this Google can easily From this it is understood that what question the user is asking, what kind of information he needs.
So we can tell you this much at the moment, Chat GPT is not as advanced as Google. So Chat GPT cannot compete with Google at the moment.

Will jobs end with the arrival of Chat GPT?

In the world, new technology is increasing from time to time and people's jobs are also decreasing. Whenever a new technology is launched, there is a fear in the mind of the people that our job will not go away.
People have the same thing to say about Chat GPT as soon as this technology comes, many people will lose their jobs.
But at present, it is not seen that anyone's job is in danger because at present Chat GPT is not able to answer the user's questions properly. But in the coming few years, Chat GPT may be more advanced than Google, and due to this people are in full fear of losing their jobs.
If Chat GPT is made better than Google in the future, then people may have to lose their jobs.


This Article is a one-stop solution to know about Chat GPT. Here we have compiled the entire information about Chat GPT. If still you have any queries don't hesitate to inquire about them in the comment section below.
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