360Hit - Boxing & Wellness Studio

The mission of this project is to change the overall experience of existing 360hit landing pages and create a platform as a source to spread the knowledge of boxing and services to common people to understand health problems.

Creative Room helped an already popular Boxing & Wellness Studio in Australia called 360 Hit to revamp their landing page and new branding of website to book, register, and deliver daily tips about health and wellness. That is also necessary to bring stability to handle a larger customer base. 360 Hit provides online classes on boxing + HIIT circuits and a variety of group classes in Australia.

360 hit - boxing and wellness studio


The core challenge and the goal for the team is the logo of the studio and landing page. Logo and landing page both are according to trend and google instructions so they will reach the Australian audience and generate new leads.


Creative Room role was to conceptualize, develop, and implement a global web platform that meets every objective centred around promoting the local and global comedians.

Area of Operation:

Wellness Studio

Technologies Used:

Graphic Design / Web Design

Tools Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator.

Services Provided

  • Project Discovery
  • Design Prototype
  • Front end Development
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