If you have come to read about this here, you either have a business to run or a product/service to sell. Now to sell anything, you need to showcase your product/service, engage with customers who would buy your product, get paid for it and at last ship the product. At the backend, you would also need to manage your day-to-day finances and operations, keep track of your sales and orders and maintain your stock registers. THAT'S what SHOPIFY does.

Shopify is basically a commerce platform that helps you set up your store(online) and then sell your product (both online and offline). You can have a centralised inventory and stock, can maintain all your registers from your online as well as offline sale using Shopify.

You get an online website where you can showcase your product, a payment gateway where your customers pay for your product, a checkout cart that you can embed on all your websites, social media sites etc., a shipping partner who will deliver your product and at last a core software-based app to maintain all your statistics, inventory, sales, stocks etc. A COMPLETE PACKAGE YOU CAN ASK FOR.

But some questions that everyone seeks answers to before they want to actually open a SHOPIFY store are:

  • Does it cost to sell on Shopify?

    Nothing great has ever come free. The basic plan is cheaper than $1 a day and makes a good fit for someone trying to start a business or taking their business online. And then, when you start earning, you always have the choice of upgrading to a better plan.

  • How profitable is Shopify?

    It ranges from a lot to not at all. You see those people driving Lamborghinis and Ferraris; they sell on Shopify, and then you see those people asking questions on Quora, why am I not able to sell on Shopify. It all depends on your product, your vision, your marketing strategy and your business tactics. It's like the same teacher teaching the whole class where someone scores a 100 while someone else fails.

  • Why choose Shopify over other platforms like WooCommerce etc.?

    It's a lot better, that's why! It is reliable and has everything in one place, 24/7 customer support, hosting, subdomain and SSL certification, inbuilt fraud detection and redressal mechanism, a detailed analytics backend, all in a single bundle. While in other platforms, you have to buy third party plugins for everything.

  • Why do websites prefer Shopify?

    The answer is simple, Shopify is the expert of e-commerce. It is a no-nonsense, all-in-one, reliable and fast eCommerce solution. With its own payment gateway, checkout counter, stock and inventory manager and shipping partnership, what else would one need.

  • Why do Shopify stores fail?

    A lot of Shopify stores keep failing. But that is not because of Shopify, but because of poor products, competing in an oversaturated market, price mismanagement, inconsistency and lack of business tactics or marketing strategy.

Now that you have learned the pros and cons of Shopify, you can contact our experts at Creative Room to launch your website and get Shopify integrated into it.

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