7 UX Principles to Keep Users Hooked to Your Web Design

Are you wondering how to improve the UX design of your website to get more traffic? Hear from our web development experts:

1. Know Your audience

First, and foremost principle of a good UX design is to know your audience well. You cannot serve chicken to a vegan customer at a restaurant and hope for them to enjoy it! Similarly, you cannot deliver any digital experience to your audience and expect them to like it. So, begin by conducting research, surveys, and Q&As to know your audience the best before framing a functional UX design.

2. Keep it Simple

The world is going bonkers after minimalism, and minimal designs are in trend these days. Also, keeping in mind the different spectrums and levels of skills users have, you must build the most simple UX design that fits all. If any user finds it difficult to browse through your website or app, you can lose leads.

3. Be Aware of Cognitive Load

Ever visited a cluttered website that pulls your attention to every corner of the web page? Well, it is known as cognitive load and is not a good UX design idea. So, keep in mind that you need to minimize the Cognitive Load on your website and make it simple for your audience. Let them do one thing at a time, smoothly and with interest.

4. Use the Psychology Behind Design

There are so many theories about the psychology of users being affected by visuals, color schemes, and typography placement on digital platforms. Learn about it and use it in your favor.

5. Use Simple Language

Ensure the language used on your website or app is simple and easy for every type of audience. Avoid using technical jargon.

6. Make Use of Narrative Design

Narrative designs are where the website itself tells its story through visuals, animations, and text. A Narrative Design generated user interest and helped improve the UX.

7. Keep it Creative

Websites and apps use creative animations and witty texts, even when they are showing an error. It leaves a good impression on the mind of users, delivering a good user experience.

With the help of the right web development and design experts, you can achieve all these principles. Get in touch with Creative Room today.

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