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Vision: Interior Architecture Group [IAG] website is one of India's leading publishing and distribution house, specializing in publishing Architecture and Interior books in India. They trying to reshape the for professionals architect and hourly employers by making it an instant, accessible, and efficient platform for buying online Interior architecture books. They already sell books on Amazon and Flipkart and other platforms but now they want a platform that manages inventory, and accounting and also sell their books.

One-stop Solution:

To manage the faster and easier system, we understand their motivation, behaviours, pain points and gather insights on how people perceived certain issues. We started building a product that didn’t just have a feature of manage inventory and invoicing with your prospective clients, and finalize the whole process in one go. There was no hassle in terms of manage website and accounting. We wanted the platform to be a complete solution provider for various buyers needs, for both sellers and buyers.

Area of Operation

Architecture & Interior

Services Provided:

Software / Website Development / Graphic Design

Tools Used:

Wordpress, Framework, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator.

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